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Our Philosophy

What makes people tick? What inspires action? What are the mysterious forces that seem to come out of nowhere — pushing us to pursue our most audacious goals?”

We’re relentlessly working to discover how those forces work, where they come from, and how to harness their power. Not only so we can improve the lives of others. But so we can improve our own lives as well.

We focus on two forces for effecting change: media and health. One inspires action. The other empowers it. We build media companies that tap into the science of storytelling — stories that not only give rise to likes and shares, but that to movements and cultures. We build healthcare products that ensure each person is equipped to contribute to those movements and cultures.


Infrastructure & Real Estate

We find the voices that define generations. Even when they’re hidden from view. Our companies are democratizing content creation. We find stories that strike a nerve, build tools to amplify them, and platforms so that their messages always hit home — and hit hard. We’re developing new ways to measure impact, and using those methods to inform future content production. Because great content isn’t just entertaining. It is impactful, bold, and daring. We focus on progress. Not page views.

Wellness and Health

We don’t just welcome the revolutionary advances in healthcare. We’re actively pioneering them. Whether it’s in the lab, the operating table, or the bedside, we support companies who make life better for doctors, patients and their families. Faster treatments. Preventative medicine. Better remote-monitoring. Not only is healthcare a basic right. But it enhances our quality of life. It broadens our potential. And it’s never been more exciting.

Timeless Studios

Our in-house incubator provides strategic support and services to our companies ranging across creative and business solutions as well as to our network of specialists across industries.

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Karam Hinduja

Founder & President

Karam's fascination for the power of storytelling and media has been at the core of his professional and personal outlook. Particularly his interest in the ability for stories to serve as a uniting force to connect us at fundamental human levels.
Karam founded The Timeless Group to build and invest in the next frontier of media and healthcare companies that harness the power of content and information and enhance our ability to interact with it, and with each other. His mission is to empower people to live more consciously through greater connectivity to themselves and each other.
Karam is a graduate of Columbia University. He is a Director at Hinduja Bank, board member at Zeno Ventures and Venture Partner at NextGen Angels. Karam is also a member of WEF Family Business Forum and Milken Institute Young Leaders Circle.

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